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    Changing The Way Calling Is Done

    What Is Universal Agent?

    Universal Agent is a call handling software that enables live agents to use pre-recorded audio during phone calls.

    This Eliminates

    • Wrong verbiage in scripts
    • Strong accents in offshore agents
    • The need for rock-star agents
    • Agent burnout

    This Ensures

    • The correct verbiage every time
    • A guaranteed professional presentation
    • Lower cost of operation
    • Higher employee retention

    How Does Universal Agent Work?

    Universal Agent is as easy to set up as 1,2,3…4,5!

    Develop The Campaign

    Hire The Voice Talent

    Hire The Call Handle Techs

    Conduct Mock Calls

    Go Live!

    And that’s it! For more information about these steps, visit the how it works page.

    What Next?

    The first step is to get in touch with a Project Manager who will help you develop your campaign.